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With our interest in anything migration related due to its importance as the issue of the 21st century, we picked up this domain when it became available. It’s history is interesting, and plays into our theme, the importance of migration.

In the early aughts, many people in Australia were concerned over migration, mostly legal migration sanctioned by the Australian government. A popular perception was that migrants took jobs from Australians, which is certainly possible if the migrants were not increasing the size of economy. Concerned about this perception, it commissioned an ad campaign to change it. Rather than the negative perception, the government wanted to foster a positive perception, that migrants benefited the economy or provided a more intangible cultural benefit.

An ad agency took up this challenge by creating this website to feature a game, that of kicking out migrants from Australia. By basing the migrant game on a popular game at the time, a flight simulator game, the site enjoyed immediate and viral success. The player may have started the game thinking they were going to kick migrants out of Australia, but found when they did, they didn’t “win,” but instead lost. The winner found out that he or she was negatively affected by the migrant’s departure from Australia. While the game and website had viral popularity, we are unaware of any evidence that it achieved its goal of changing perceptions to the government desired perception.

We won’t be bringing the game back or changing the winning outcome to more accurately match reality. But, we will use this site to advance the discussion of migration. Rather than seeking to advance a government favored perception, the site will present articles that analyze migration from a factual basis.

So KickAMigrant.com will be back here as a resource as soon we can arrange that. In the meantime you can get-in-touch.

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